Foghouse is a finalist in the People's Choice Spirits Awards

The sniffing, spitting and sipping for the People’s Choice Spirits Awards judging sessions have all been done and we can now reveal the finalists for the 2022 event.


Here Janet Harrison, founder of the People’s Choice Drinks Awards, explains how she is looking forward to holding the first standalone spirits awards in January, and the plans for the wine awards that are now open for entries.


To find out who is made it through to be a finalist in the People’s Choice Spirits Awards then click here.


The People’s Choice Drinks Awards stand out from other competitions as it actually includes the end consumer in its judging process. It means any product that wins a medal or trophy can justifiably claim to be a people’s favourite.
Every year the judging is split into two rounds. The first is where drinks enthusiasts are invited to enter from which a panel of judges – namely consumers – are selected to take part in determining which products go through to the second round, with the help and guidance of drinks professionals.
Janet Harrison, founder of the People’s Choice Drinks Awards says the “aim is to find a panel that represents the diversity of the UK drinks buying public”.


We were so chuffed to receive three times the number of entries this year. We’ve had submissions from small artisan producers through to large importers and pretty much everything in between – it has been hard work but great. We also carried out judging sessions in Edinburgh, Manchester and London with over 90 people taking part, including consumers and professionals.


We decided to invite the wider hospitality trade to join our core Round 2 professional panel – which was brilliant. As well as the judging sessions being a lot of fun, it was a great way for distillers, brand ambassadors and bar owners to network with each other, as well as tasting an amazing range of spirits.


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